Mother’ is the most trusted word, which is full of compassion and affection. The feeling of security and affection that a child gets from mother is unique. Here, in the hostel, we  strive to provide the same love, affection, shelter and care to such  destitute, poor and helpless girls. As Mother Yashoda had showered her love and affection on Lord Krishna more than a real mother, similarly, the governesses and care takers in the hostel provide love, care and guidance to the girls being brought up at the campus so that they may lead a respectful and independent life in future. 

The hostel facility is another  home for the destitute, poor and helpless girls where not only the basic amenities like food, clothing and health are taken care  for free but also the overall development of the child is given equal importance. 

We aim to bring out the best in every child. We try to provide a healthy atmosphere and train them at par with the rest of the society so that they do not face discrimination in the course of education later. We trace and follow the child’s academic performance and co-curricular activities closely for which we provide an enriched environment to enable her to develop her talents in dance, music, art, writing and communication and to train her skills in games and athletics.

The admission is restricted to the girls above 9 and up to 14 years.

The girls whose parents are not able to bring up the child due to poor financial conditions, The School provides complete love, affection and support with a  partial contribution of Rs. 1500/- per month by the parent/guardian. In the cases of extreme poverty, free admission can also be granted to the child.

The Hostel is equipped with almost all modern and essential facilities required for a convenient and comfortable living. The life at Yashoda Vatika is no inferior to that of a middle class family, in terms of facilities and comfort.